Industrial Apparatus Consultants Ltd

is a specialised technical sales and service company which offers a range of environmental protection products and solutions.


Its activity is centred around the electricity supply and petro-chemical industries:

SF6 gas handling for the switchgear and related industries, transformer oil containment solutions and rainwater filtering and drainage; oil storage tank drain pipes, suction/skimmer lines and rim seal fire protection; specialised oil spill clean-up boats.


Industrial Apparatus Consultants Ltd is a small commercial organisation that is now over forty years old, offering a specialised range of products and services. From its historical base in electrical products and surge protection it has opened out into a broader environmental mix of products, from SF6 gas handling equipment for the high voltage electrical industry (this is a strictly controlled greenhouse gas) and surge protection, to a range of pollution prevention and oil spill response products.


IAC not only offers its range of products but also supports them with its growing area of expertise. In SF6 gas handling we not only sell the Dilo range of products covering most requirements for gas handling equipment, measuring instruments, hoses and accessories, but we offer training, service and repair for the equipment, equipment rental and a calibration module exchange service for the latest instruments.


GMT/Akhelec transformer oil containment bunds are a range for different applications and situations, for indoor and outdoor use, with a unique rainwater filtering/drainage system for the latter. Sergi Transformer Protector is a proven transformer explosion and fire protection system. Coflexip flexible steel drain pipes are a high quality long life range from the world leaders in high pressure flexible pipes and offer improved solutions for tankage installations. Ecoceane offer a patented innovative means of collecting oil spills from water in ports, harbours, rivers and estuaries, coastal waters and offshore.


We are proud to supply customers across the UK.

Industrial Apparatus Consultants Limited -104A Baker Street, London. W1U 6TN - Tel: 020 7486 6474 - Fax: 020 7487 2757


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